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I am Robert L. Marshall, Jr., pastor, teacher, continuous student of the Word, husband, father, and friend. My wife, Donna, and I co-pastor a family of believers with a mission of establishing and strengthening disciples for Jesus Christ.

Dr. Robert Marshall, was born December 22, 1960, in Los Angeles, California. He and his siblings grew up in Inglewood, California, attending Warren Lane Elementary School, Crozier Jr High, and Inglewood High. However, he ultimately graduated from Los Angeles Dorsey High School.

Robert married his college sweetheart, Donna Jones, in 1985. They had two children and three grandchildren and have shared a fulfilling life together, with more than 30 years of marriage. Robert recognized his call to ministry in December 1988. Soon after that, he became the Youth pastor and began preaching, at the Spirit of Love Baptist Church in Los Angeles. It was also during this time that Robert was compelled to return to school, in order to pursue training for his call to ministry. As a result, Robert enroll in school at the University of La Verne, where he majored in Religion.

After completing four years at La Verne, Robert and Donna were called into full-time pastoral ministry with the Salvation Army. Robert has served in two appointments with the Army, spanning nearly 15 years. In both instances, Robert was appointed as Corps Officer. Initially, at the Compton Corps and then at the Portland Moore Street Corps Community Center.

Concurrently, Robert continued to pursue education, in order to better prepare himself as a shepherd of God’s people.

Therefore, he returned to school and graduated from George Fox Theological Seminary, with a Master’s degree in Theology. Finally, upon returning to the Los Angeles area, Robert was called to serve as the lead pastor of the Los Angeles Community Church. During his brief three year tenor there, Robert earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in preaching the literary themes of the Bible. He also serves as the local administrator for the Antioch School for Church Planting and Leadership, which is located at Los Angeles Community Church.

Donna Marshall, was born and raised in a very large close-knit, hard-working, Catholic family in South Central Los Angeles, California. As a young person she always thought that she would marry, have kids, and live in the same area as her family. Never did she think about a life in ministry with her own family, until she was married to her husband, Robert.

After she and Robert became serious about each other, he sat her down in his parent’s living room, and told her that he could not continue to date anyone who was not a believer. She didn’t understand exactly what that meant. She went to church, and she knew about Jesus. But Robert explained what it meant to have a relationship with Christ, and at that moment she accepted the Lord as her Savior.

Perhaps Donna’s proudest accomplishment is being mother to her two children and three grandchildren. Next, she is also pleased to have served as an Officer in The Salvation Army for nearly 15 years. She served in various appointments during that time. Her last appointment was at Portland Moore Street Corps Community Center, in Portland, OR. After leaving the Army in 2005, she and Robert remained in the Portland area for another 6 years.

Donna returned back home to Los Angeles, CA with Robert, in 2012. Soon after being back in LA, she was hired by The Salvation Army a second time and presently serves as the Director of Service Extension for Southern California.

Lastly, Donna has served on staff as a pastor at the Los Angeles Community Free Methodist Church for the past three years. She firmly believes that her dominant gifts are teaching and encouraging. She sees the best in people.



Clarence & Deborah Howell

Leads prayer ministry Member of LACC finance board Co-Leads LACC Men’s Fellowship Member of Silver Threads Counselor

Co-Leads prayer ministry with her husband Clarence Member of Silver Threads Counselor


Richard & Debora Wright

Learning Community Leader & Teacher Co-Leads LACC Men’s Fellowship Counselor

Hosts Learning Community in the Wright home Member of LACC finance board Counselor

Bondzie & Michelle Caiquo

LACC finance board chairman and Men’s Fellowship member

Learning Community Leader & Teacher Member of LACC women’s fellowship Counselor

Jackii Lawrence


Learning Community Leader & Teacher Hosts Learning Community in her home Member of LACC women’s fellowship Counselor


Sandra Pierre

Learning Community Leader & Teacher Member of LACC women’s fellowship Counselor


Robert Sausedo

Assistant pastor & teacher LACC Men’s Fellowship member Ministry student Counselor


Corliss Lewis

LACC Statistician Member of LACC women’s fellowship Counselor


Anthony Gouche

LACC Music Ministry leader LACC Men’s Fellowship member Ministry student


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