Come and Learn More About Wealth Academy Orientation and Workshop Platform

Mark1 Wealth Academy


The Mark 1 Wealth Academy orientations will be presented monthly to property owners and potential property owners. The orientations will average 2 hours; consisting of a 1 hour power point presentation detailing the Wealth Academy workshops and Mark 1 services. The final hour will be used to register and process interested individuals.


The Mark1 Wealth Academy Workshops are constructed in 2 hour modules. Each workshop is designed to give the attendee a working knowledge of topics related to real estate, real estate finance, and retirement through real estate investments. The workshops will be held once a week at the Los Angeles Community Church.


preparing for homeownership
  1. Advantages &  disadvantages of Property ownership
  2. Why should I buy
  3. Can I afford to buy
  4. Pre qualifying yourself
Obtaining a mortgage loan
  1. Shopping for a mortgage loan
  2. Types of mortgages available
  3. Applying for a mortgage
Shopping for a home
  1. Types of homes
  2. The real estate professional
  3. Shopping for a property
  4. Closing
  5. Types of ownership
Life as a property owner
  1. Settling in
  2. Borrower obligation, terms
  3. Insurances & warranties
  4. Impound accounts, statements & payments
  5. Maintaining your property
  6. Foreclosure prevention
Credit Recovery
  1. Importance of good credit
  2. Credit reports
  3. How is your report created
  4. How do they arrive at you credit score
  5. Trended data credit reporting
  6. What information is included in a credit report
  7. How long does information stay on reports
  8. Collections and charge offs
  9. Judgments
  10. Bankruptcies chapter 7 and 13
  11. Negotiation tips
  12. How to stop harassment
  13. What collectors can’t do
Set for life
  1. End money worries
  2. Own a home with no mortgage for life
  3. Create a retirement income that will never stop, and will increase with inflation
  4. Generate net wealth
  5. Leave a legacy of wealth for your heirs


  • What is the Mark 1 Wealth Academy?
  • Why should I buy?
  • What services will be provided
  • What services will be provided
  • What are the benefits of these services
  • Pre and post purchase education


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